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Jesus said, " I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me." John 14:6

Learn to Live in Peace

Peace is wonderful to see in action. The word means freedom from disturbance; it also means harmony and order.  Psalm 133 talks about how pleasant it is when people live together in harmony.  It is both beautiful and refreshing. God is peace, and as children of God we should strive to be peace abiding.

How does one live in peace?  Depending on the Lord and believing that he will help us through every situation that we will face is the beginning of having peace. Isaiah 26:3 talks about how the Lord will keep all who trust in him in perfect peace. If we focus constantly on the Lord rather than situations that we face, he will always give us the answers that will bring victory resulting in peace. No peace means no victory and no victory means defeat.

Being peaceful is a daily decision. Psalm 34:14 talks about working hard to live at peace with all men and running after peace. We have to decide to be peace abiding regardless of what life brings. We cannot live in chaos but expect the Lords blessings.  There are times when being peaceful means staying away from certain people or situations. In Romans 12:18, the Apostle Paul says if it is possible, do all you can to live in peace. In other words, peace is also staying away from things that cause strife. Instead, pray about the situation and leave it in the Lord’s hands. He has all of the answers.

Choose Peace
Let us learn to live in perfect peace
So that violence will stop and discord cease
By asking the Lord to show us what to do
So that we can have the power to go through
Choose harmony and be disturbance free
Choose Jesus today and get the victory!

Choose Jesus today!

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God bless!

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