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Jesus said, " I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me." John 14:6

Bible studies

Please explore the following Bible studies. We hope they bless your soul. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

New Bible studies are added each month, so check back often!

Jesus' Great "I Am" Statements, Part 2 - I am the Bread of Life

Jesus’ Great “I Am” Statements, Part 1 - Introduction

Sermon on the Mount, Part 10: Do Not Be Deceived

Choose to Get Closer to Jesus in 2016

Praise God This Holiday Season!

Sermon on the Mount, Part 9: Ask, Seek, Knock - God's Framework for Prayer

Controlling the Tongue Part One: Destructive Speech

Give Your All to the Lord

Sermon on the Mount, Part 8: Examine Yourself

Godly Thinking Equals Victory in Jesus

What's in a Name?

Sermon on the Mount, Part 7: Stop Worrying

Learn to Live in Peace

Sermon on the Mount, Part 6: Store Your Treasures in Heaven

Sermon on the Mount, Part 5: Quit Being a Showoff!

Glorify the Lord With Cheerful Giving All Year

Sermon on the Mount, Part 4: Love Your Enemies

Wake Up and Stop Wasting Time

Jesus is the Only Way to Heaven

Obedience is Action

Sermon on the Mount, Part 3: Dealing with Anger

The Four Hearts: Which One is Yours?

Sermon on the Mount, Part 2: Salt and Light

In All Things Give Thanks, There is No Need to Worry!

Sermon on the Mount, Part 1: The Beatitudes

Our Help is in the Lord

A Living Sacrifice - A Guided Self-Study

Praise the Lord!

The Last Seven Statements of Christ on The Cross

Hear and Obey God's Word

It is Time to Get on Fire for Jesus

Remember Now Thy Creator

Teach Me to Pray: The Lord's Prayer Applied

New Year, New Determination: Live Victoriously in 2014!

Cultivate the Fruits of the Spirit, Eradicate the Lusts of the Flesh

God Requires Holy Living

What is the Rapture?

I Chose Jesus Today, Now What Do I Do?

We are Wonderfully Made by God for Great Things!


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